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The Artists behind the Wands

 Integrity and Artistic vision combining with a desire to help and reduce harm

Fronkie L'Heureux

Tattooing since 2006 Fronkie calls her style Nouveau Skool. With bold lines and delicate sensibility, she enjoys all things metaphysical, natural and fantastical.

Micha Sol

With over twenty years tattooing experience Micha now specializes in scar coverage tattoos, cover ups ,and reworks. They describe their style as illustrative semi-realism and enjoy working in color and black and grey.

Elle Carney

Elle specializes in illustrative tattoos with a focus on fine lines and bright colors! Her favorite things are pet portraits and florals but she loves stepping outside of her normal range of imagery, too.


Saturday creates tattoos that are both delicate in their form and striking in their style. An apprentice only title; soft stippling and painterly lines are hallmarks of their current style. 

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