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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

A tattoo is an investment in yourself, protect it.

 Don’t. Touch. Don’t let anybody touch it, try not to let it touch other things. Keep. It. Clean. Before you put on ointment first wash and dry your hands with a clean cloth or paper towel.

 No sun or soaking in water (baths/ swimming /etc.) for the first two weeks. After the tattoo has healed use a strong sunscreen (SPF 45 or higher) every time the tattoo will be exposed to the sun even for just a short time.

 Do not use any petroleum based products such as A&E ointment or bacitracin.

 No picking or scratching during the very annoying itchy peely phase when tempted to touch the tattoo in any way. During this time train yourself to respond by washing your hands and applying lotion or all natural ointment. 

Please consult with your artist for more detailed instruction. 

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