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What is a cooperative?

  • Worker members vote to control the company and share in profits

  • Justice is built in to the framework of the company






1. the quality of being fair and impartial.

2.the value of the shares issued by a company.


7 Principles of Cooperative

From the cooperative movement to the tattoo shop


Voluntary and Open Membership

Choose your level of involvement- either way you get fair pay and a say!

Workers have a right to attend meetings, understand how the business is run, give input and vote, and the option to become a member after a 6 month trial period.


Democratic Member Control

Working together builds a strong business.  Group decisions are strong because they take in different perspective and look more holistically at the business.

Workers vote on how the shop operates.  Fair play, healthy power dynamics, community.


Members' Economic Participation

Your labor at House of Wands will pay dividends, literally.  What you put in to the cooperative determines your share of the profits.  Members vote on how to use profits.


Autonomy and Independence

No one comes between the artist and their clients, unless they want us to.

If you've developed a process that works for you, we support that.


Education, Training, Information

Learn from other artists to stay on top of your game in a competitive industry.

Learn community-building and financial skills such as non-violent communication, facilitation, trauma-informed service, bookkeeping, budgeting, financial planning for artists' unique needs, and more.


Cooperation Among Cooperatives

We are members of Shared Capital Cooperative and US Federation of Worker-Owned Cooperatives.  As more cooperatives form within the industry, expect more partnerships.

Leverage worker solidarity to uplift yourself and others.


Concern for Community

House of Wands will support and participate in YOUR activism.

Make a greater positive impact on the world with the strength of your team.


Seize the Means

Take charge of your destiny

All artists and staff are eligible for Co-op membership after a trial period of six months.
~membership is optional~

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